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a meme born from boredem
copyright goes to the audio maker/unowned video creater i just wiped this up out of boredom and want of practice
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volt from warframe does a fortnight dance greenscreen effect
im a monster arnt i? copyright goes to the audio maker/unowned video creater
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meet the volt
copyright goes to the audio maker/unowned video creater #warframe #tf2
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Time to fly out the airlock
hey you found me have a jolly good time if you want to! if your here to wine about something go to Logan Paul i don't need toxic bullshit yet oh right uhh free game too https://cybernick032.itch.io/silver-lines-early-access and Yes im the leader of the small but growing #SOSFleet and yes I’m not gonna take prisoners not even zf-Sovietwomble hes not safe from my HHM's ither credit for the pfp is senpai_clyde... Dont ask
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when you raid with your brother
BROTHER! (you get the idea blah blah blah all copyright goes to there original owners blah blah blah
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this is a meme i made wile i was bored of corse all rights to there respective owners #notsponsored
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Game fuckery ep. 2 (Jumping edition)
SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
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Re-fuckery ep. 1 The boys are back and some new some old
Ladeys and jentlemen we return from a error and brodcasting agen! #theboysareback SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
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i had no other futtige yet
oh well time to record some more
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Rarted Handshake
Fuck it and uploaded
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Team Fortress 2 fuckery
just messing around with frends on discord and tf2
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my hell is over...
copyright goes to the audio maker/unowned video creater i can still hear my screams from my trading days
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fuckery (something number) in space!
so i was flying my creashon skyduster for a traler on the workshop and then i flew into space
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silverlines official soundtrack starvoige
this is also meant for later themes of the mid game hope you enjoy it anyways! you can find silverlines on ichio right now its in early accses for advice on what to add or fix things i missed
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a random skit
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silverlines official soundtrack sos abeince
this is the official soundtrack of silverlines! as you can see outside of the brick wall of lack of assets for this songs theame im makeing good progress
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Live whatever this is
Hi person
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roblox fuckery: nick explores memes
copyright goes to the audio maker/unowned video creater
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team fortress 2 fuckery: ded edisshon
copyright goes to the audio maker/unowned video creater #teamfortress2 #hatsimulator
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rapid sweetbarry farm experement shows promice
copyright goes to the audio maker/unowned video creater #minecraft so i was playing around with the new plant the sweetbarry and then i discovered a efficient as fuck rapid food stockpiling afk farm
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i got my flamethrower so you know what that means
first dive into tracking
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OVERWELMING POWER! Titam the deathnight
I didn’t cheat it just happened to me :/
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its just a advrige video just with editing experiments in it let me know of what i should improve on and before you go with your spelling i know its as bad as bugbites just lay off of it if you want to point that out i already know its bad just let me try to fix it
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so if you see me in rp just take it as taking a coffy brake or geting away from the nose
oh and one more thing i am autistick and dislexic but it dusint give you the riht to use me as a vew and sub recorce you twants (a ecplinashon for a twant if you dont wach rebls of the round table is C.U.N.T. and twat mixed together to make twant a new form of mently and funsunaly retarted)
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jsut remember that im not just gonna do roblox videos
like i sead im working on others
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Life outside the monitor
At my parents house and playing with Sofia my little hunting dog so burbs are doomed if hunting season comes around in time for the hunting license
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silverlines official soundtrack broken worlds
its the final boss soundtrack yes im aware of a mistake but im planing on usising it as a gag or something to compensate hope you enjoy silverlines is avalible for free on Ichio
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mortal combat XL fuckery: two pepole fight like they have mussle spazums
copyright goes to the audio maker/unowned video creator
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fun in starcraft II
just somthing i do in spare time
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tf2 fuckery ep. ??? LOUD NOISES!!!
just dicking around with my brother and frends idontknowwhatshapimingBOIIOWHRFPOSUBGPJ
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the advencures of titam 110 solo raid
this is just a thing i do in my pastime
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gandorf the meh is back at it again
welp here we are with more skyrim why because why not besides i got so much fotige form the recording seshon i can make more than one of these!
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gmod fuckery with my brother
all copyrights for songs/unowned videos go to there respective owners
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back to something fun in a tale 5
unfortunately im unable to record the last bit without almost exploding my computer from lag also im working on fixing the problem of the choppy videos
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co fuckery ep 1
Any music found in this video belons to ther proper owners if we wanted to use music wed make ower own SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
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gandorf gets a little to drunk
yep enjoy alcoholism
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a event that angered me (the story is in the discription)
so this happened at night and i got angry that someone was killing me and lyeing about geting in front of me just to kill me and yes the agument is real not staged if i somehow staged it i wold not be makeing a unateral amount of swareing plus i am just trying to farm to a level to compeat with others farly but with pepole like this they might slow my speed and possibly keep low levels as the underdogs and constitntly called "noobs"
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fuckery (something something something) markiplyer jokes
it was a scrap of what we recorded but trust me well be geting a suprise up soon
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silverlines official soundtrack silverbars
this is for the menue
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Behold the dip
You know about the dip but now thanks to my brothers help behold THE DIP
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back to something fun in a tale 1
well its about time i get my favorite game my own attempt at having fun and doing cool things on a video because why the hell not?
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Did something go rwong there devs?
WARFRAME https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00080_00
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hitman fuckery i just wanted a sandvich!
im regrowing my hipe to record and edit because it got flushed out by my brother playing for 4 days straight until i had my play time back (that's meant to be sfw goddammit)
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