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What do Canadian homeowners know about title insurance
We asked Canadians what they know about title insurance. The answers might surprise you. A real estate lawyer can help you find the title insurance that is right for you.
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What does your real estate lawyer do for you?
For most Canadians, buying a home is the largest investment they will ever make. A real estate lawyer is an expert who can help you with the following 8 key steps.
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A simple explanation of blockchain (and why it is relevant to lawyers)
Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This video provides a simple explanation of how blockchain works, and explains why it is relevant to lawyers.
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Ever wonder what happens if you die without a will?
This video emphasizes how preparing a will can avoid a lot of headaches. As stated in the video, a surprising 65% of Canadians don’t have a will. Everyone should consider getting a lawyer to help them prepare a will if they don’t have one, or to review any will that hasn’t been updated recently.
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Cottage Ownership: Know what you’re buying
There are few traditions more Canadian than weekends at the cottage. To ensure that your time at the cottage is filled with relaxation instead of drama, consult a lawyer before you buy to protect yourself from unexpected problems.
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How a lawyer can help you draft a will and ensure your affairs are in order (audio clip)
Communicating your wishes to the people you care about will make it easier for them when you're gone and even avoid litigation from an unhappy beneficiary/family member. Visit titleplus.ca to use the "locate a lawyer" tool.
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Does your lifestyle suit a condo?
Before making a down payment on your dream condo, reflect on the life you’ve built − and on your future plans – to ensure that the home that has caught your eye is truly a good fit. If you’re used to life in a traditional freehold house, be aware that condominium life is different. Condos have special legal status, and are governed by rules that vary from development to development. A real estate lawyer can help you along the way.
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Why every homeowner needs title insurance
Sometimes, there are problems with title to a property that aren’t obvious when you buy the house. Title insurance can help fix the problem or pay for a loss. A real estate lawyer can help you choose insurance that's right for you.
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How a lawyer can help you with the purchase of your home (audio clip)
Listen to Ray Leclair of LAWPRO discuss why it's best to hire a lawyer before buying a home. Visit titleplus.ca to use the "locate a lawyer" tool.
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